Hawaiian Jewelry Templates

Personalized Hawaiian Jewelry - Engraving and Border Designs  by Thom Sirivattha

The border designs below are all optional.  Upon selection of the design, a border could be selected as an “add-on” to enhance the design.


Traditional Design 

A. Plumeria Scroll Type1 (with Coin Border)

sample-logo-14k-td-a.jpg   sample-logo-td-a.gif       

B. Plumeria Scroll Type2 (with Black Border)

sample-logo-14k-td-b.jpg   sample-logo-td-b.gif  C. Plumeria Scroll with Fern

sample-logo-14k-td-c.jpg   sample-logo-td-c.gif

D. Princess Scroll Type1 (with Diamond Cut Border)

sample-logo-14k-td-d.jpg   sample-logo-td-d.gif

E. Princess Scroll Type2 (with Rope Border)

sample-logo-14k-td-e.jpg   sample-logo-td-e.gif

F. Princess Scroll Type3 (with Cutout)

sample-logo-14k-td-f.jpg   sample-logo-td-f.gif

G. Queen Scroll Type1

sample-logo-14k-td-g.jpg   sample-logo-td-g.gif

H. Queen Scroll Type2

sample-logo-14k-td-h.jpg   sample-logo-td-h.gif

I. Plumeria Maile Type1 (with Black Border)

sample-logo-14k-td-i.jpg   sample-logo-td-i.gif

J. Plumeria Maile Type2

sample-logo-14k-td-j.jpg   sample-logo-td-j.gif

K. Princess Maile Type1

sample-logo-14k-td-k.jpg   sample-logo-td-k.gif

 L. Princess maile Type2

sample-logo-14k-td-l.jpg   sample-logo-td-l.gif


Ali'i Design

A. Queen Maile Type1

14k-sample-logo-ad-a.jpg   sample-logo-ad-a.gif

B. Queen Maile Type2

14k-sample-logo-ad-b.jpg   sample-logo-ad-b.gif 

 C. Diamond Cut Maile (with Cut-Out)

14k-sample-logo-ad-c.jpg   sample-logo-ad-c.gif

D. English Scroll Type1 (with Cutout)

14k-sample-logo-ad-d.jpg   sample-logo-ad-d.gif

E. English Scroll Type2 (with Cutout)

14k-sample-logo-ad-e.jpg   sample-logo-ad-e.gif

F. Heart Scroll Type2 (with Cutout) 

14k-sample-logo-ad-f.jpg   sample-logo-ad-f.gif

G. Double Scroll (with Cutout)

14k-sample-logo-ad-g.jpg   sample-logo-ad-g.gif

H. Lehua Flower (with Cutout)

14k-sample-logo-ad-h.jpg   sample-logo-ad-h.gif

I. Plumeria Lei Type1 (with Cutout)

14k-sample-logo-ad-i.jpg   sample-logo-ad-i.gif

J. Plumeria Lei Type1 (with Cutout)

14k-sample-logo-ad-j.jpg   sample-logo-ad-j.gif


Modern Design

A. Modern Design Type1 (Half Princess Scroll with High Polish)

14k-sample-logo-md-a.jpg   sample-logo-md-a.gif

B. Modern Design Type2 (Half Princess Scroll with Sand Finish)

14k-sample-logo-md-b.jpg   sample-logo-md-b.gif

C. Modern Design Type3 (Half Princess Scroll with Black Border)

14k-sample-logo-md-c.jpg   sample-logo-md-c.gif

D. Modern Design Type4 (Half Maile with Sand Finish)

14k-sample-logo-md-d.jpg   sample-logo-md-d.gif

E. Modern Design Type5 (Center Princess Scroll with Rope Border)

14k-sample-logo-md-e.jpg   sample-logo-md-e.gif

F. Modern Design Type6 (Center Maile with Rope Border)

14k-sample-logo-md-f.jpg  sample-logo-md-f.gif

G. Modern Design Type7 (Princess Scroll Border)

14k-sample-logo-md-g.jpg   sample-logo-md-g.gif

H. Modern Design Type8 (Princess Scroll with Half Maile Border)

14k-sample-logo-md-h.jpg   sample-logo-md-h.gif