Thom's Collection

When we speak of Thom's Collection, we refer to precious works born out of a creative process that has become increasingly rare in this age of computer-assisted design and laser etching: The art of original, handmade, hand-engraved Hawai'ian jewelry. Although humble and unassuming, Thom Sirivattha is a master at the top of his craft. At various trade shows from Hawai'i to the US mainland to Asia, Thom can be observed at his portable workbench hand engraving everything from fine gold or silver rings and bangles to steel valve covers for classic car engines.

The next time you are in the neighborhood or visiting the Lahana booth at a show, stop and ask to see one of his pieces. Take a good look. The first thing you will notice is the sparkle that may only be coaxed from metal that is cut instead of burned with a laser. The next thing you may notice is the texture. Hand engraving makes deep, well-defined details that your fingertips will know and appreciate. Then, there's the beauty of the pieces themselves.  Each one of Thom's designs may be seen as a journey that begins with an idea, which goes to a sketchbook, which goes to a custom blank and ultimately to the engraver's bench.

Finally - and we actually hope there is nothing final about our meeting - you will enjoy a host of additional services. Thom and co. will custom engrave a name, date or special word on the inside or back surface your piece. Resizing and cleaning are also available in the future should you need them.

Lahana Jewelry is not just about our craft, but your pride and satisfaction as well.