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Lahana is where you will find the original and unique Hawaiian heirloom jewelry designs of Thom Sirivattha, master jewelry designer, engraver and artist.  Originally marketed under KS Jewelry Design, LLC, the popularity and demand for Thom Sirivattha’s designs and workmanship has grown by such great measure, that a separate and exclusive platform was needed to respond to the demand for his pieces both here in Hawaii and abroad.  Hence, the birth of Lahana, a company devoted exclusively to Thom’s craftsmanship and designs. At this website, you can customize your very own jewelry piece from the ease and comfort of your own home, and yet be assured of the same quality and attention to detail as if Thom was taking your order in person.  And, as always, Thom and his staff are always available to speak to you one-on-one if you have any questions or special requests. 

By continuing the tradition of hand-engraving, Lahana ensures that each piece receives the most meticulous attention to every detail, incorporating the deepest and brightest cuts into intricate patterns, bringing brilliance and vibrancy to every design.

Hawaiian heirloom jewelry is a historical part of Hawaii’s rich cultural heritage.  Originally the adornment of royalty, Hawaiian heirloom jewelry has survived the generations to become modern, yet timeless treasures.   Each handcrafted piece is customized to reflect your own style, taste and sense of beauty.  It symbolizes love, affection, tradition, and history, capturing your special moment in time to be cherished for a lifetime and beyond, for generations to come.  

The Hawaiian word “Lahana” translates into “brightly created”, a name perfectly suited for the original works of art that has become the trademark of Thom Sirivattha’s brilliant jewelry designs.



1088 Bishop St. #205
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Lahana values your business and respects your privacy.  Our policy is to protect all information provided confidential.  We will not sell nor disclose your personal information to anyone.