10mm "Aloha" Enamel Plumeria Sterling Silver Pendant

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Each piece is personally signed by Thom Sirivattha.
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10mm "Aloha" Enamel Plumeria Sterling Silver Pendant 

This handcrafted "Aloha" (Hawaiian word for love) pendant features a two-part custom-colored enamel filling. Above it rests a bright cut plumeria floral design and details a sand background engraving. A perfect gift for that special someone. 

Pendant Description:

Height: 34mm (1-1/2")

Width: 10mm

Thickness: 2.0mm

Type of wireFlat

MetalSterling Silver

TechniqueEnamelBright Cut, Sand Background



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You may customize your order in a different size, width, enamel color, personalized name for an additional fee starting from $50.00. For further inquiries, please contact us.


Designer Thom Sirivattha's personal signature is engraved on the back of the pendant.


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